Cláudio Paiva | Trap for Storm

April 25 — May 22 2002
Exposição no 1º piso

Galeria Luisa Strina presents, from April 25 until May 22, 2002, a solo show by the artist, from Minas Gerais, Cláudio Paiva curated by Catherine Bompuis.

Cláudio Paiva is an iconic reference of the generation of artists who acted in Rio de Janeiro in the 60s, with bold and challenging proposals. The works on display show that the artist remains attuned to the contemporary world, producing works of quality and thought.

With intelligence and humor, the artist presents forty drawings (on sandpaper or paper) and seven “pocket installations” (as the artist himself calls his small scale installations).

According to curator Catherine Bompuis, the artist has a playful spirit in the relationship between image and word, using space with singularity. The drawings have titles like “The Collector of Lines,” “Exercise for the Wonderful” or “The Oppenheimer Toy”, bringing in this a reference to the creator of the atomic bomb. The installations are entitled: “Resting of the Cobblestone”, “2 + 2”, “Cold War”, “The Pleasure Principle”, “The Collector of Nothing”, “Lucifer” and “Trap for Storm”, which gives its name to the exhibition.

Simultaneously, there is the release of the book (32 pages) related to the works of Cláudio Paiva, with texts by Umberto Costa Barros and Catherine Bompuis.

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