Daniel Sinsel

March 07 — April 07 2006
Exposição no 1º piso

DANIEL SINSEL Luisa Strina Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of the artist Daniel Sinsel in Brazil, from March 07th until April 7th of 2006. Daniel Sinsel shows a number of new paintings of young men’s faces and wall based objects, largely inspired by food.

Sinsel’s interest in natural and durable materials lies in their respective origins. Once appropriated and reactivated with the purpose of depiction a new poetic potential unfolds. Within this transformation of something natural into cultural artefact, there is often a strange darkness or wit, a sexually suggestive poetry. Despite clearly being the products of a particular, personal vision Sinsel’s works appear at times strangely scientific due to an explanatory simplicity, reminiscent of children’s science books. The work Mezzelune illustrates the painstaking, domestic production of pasta and in its loving documentation, displays an analogous sense of affection and dedication.

Sinsel’s paintings depict young men coming of age. Gestures represent innocence and naturalness, at the same time as suggesting a conscious attempt to assimilate culture. His painting, Brilhantina (Brillantine)is more about the cultural impact of hairgel than it is about a specific person. His depictions initially hint – somewhat uncomfortably – at colonialism or at sexual exploitation, yet ultimately retreat towards a more innocent affection for the subjects and evident pleasure in the process of creation. Sinsel’s work possesses a kind of melancholia. The distillation, the focus on the sensual, the obliquely sexual and the decorative, set his work in contrast to that of the pioneering explorer, who records elements of the unknown world for the first time; instead Sinsel casts himself as a mourner, who tries to hone in on, what has long been discovered and assimilated in order to re-invest it with an unfamiliarity and in so doing recreate that sense of initial awe.

Daniel Sinsel was born in Munich in 1976. He lives and works in London, where he concluded his Master degree at the Royal College of Art. Regarding his exhibitions, the group show “London In Zurich” at Hauser & Wirth gallery, Zurich, and his solo show at Sadie Coles HQ gallery, London, can be emphasized. He was indicated to the Beck’s Future Prize that will happen at the I.C.A in London on March 2006.

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