Jorge Pedro Núñez

March 09 — April 14 2010
Projeto no 2ª piso

Born in 1976, in Caracas, Venezuela, Jorge Pedro Núñez lives and works in Paris, France, where he graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy.

Jorge Pedro merges conceptual and minimalist art through collages made from ads of international galleries published in Artforum magazine, inspired in large part in the work of Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica, as well as in that of other masters of geometric art. Núñez prefers the monochromatic pages, in which he cuts out generic abstract forms and then put them back together through collage. The result is simple visual elements: colors, abstract forms and typography – the primary ingredients of abstraction and conceptual art (forms and text).

The artist usually develops his projects through various means, notably sculpture, photography, video, installation or even sound pieces. This diversity allows him to gradually stimulate all the senses of the viewer. Conscious of the future that abstraction can have and the condition of our material culture, Núñez plays with the historical forms from which he appropriates, reconstructs, and places them back in circulation. In both collages and other works, he seeks to bring together movements, abstraction and neo-conceptual, form and text or even avant-garde and pop propaganda. He believes that art feeds on itself and his work seeks to show precisely this point.

Jorge Pedro Núñez would be part of the 31st Panorama of Brazilian Art in 2009. Due to copyright issues of Hélio Oiticica’s works – the Oiticica family considered these works to be plagiarism – the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art opted to exclude them from the exhibition fearing legal sanctions.

Concomitantly with the Matias Duville exhibition, the Jorge Pedro Nuñez Project opens on March 9 and will be exhibited from March 10 to April 14, 2010 on the second floor of Galeria Luisa Strina.

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