Keila Alaver

May 20 — June 18 2003
Exposição no 1º piso

PRESS RELEASE – KEILA ALAVER Galeria Luisa Strina is proud to present new works by the artist Keila Alaver (1970). Opening on May 20th, this is her second solo exhibition at the gallery, where works made by screen-printing on glass and acrylic are displayed.

The starting point for her work continues to be the questions arising from the day to day complexities of human relationships. As her main resource she uses photographic images from personal archives.

Throughout the duration of her career Keila Alaver has concentrated on three particular areas: firstly, the presence of human forms within social and architectural contexts. Secondly, the fragility and fragmentation of human relationships, demostrated by the juxtapositioning of different patterns and media. Thirdly, the exploration of inherent constraints posed within a bidimensional image.

Continuing this line of inquiry, the artist exhibits works made by screen-printing on transparent acrylic and glass plates. Each printed plate is placed one in front of the other allowing the fragmented images to fuse visually, creating objects with complete scenes. The result is a formation of volumes and movements by way of dismembering the bidimensionality of photography; presenting a bigger physical identification between the observer and the work.

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