Cildo Meireles


São Paulo, BR
January 19 — February 27 2016

Group show organised by Isabella Rjeille. The exhibition takes its title borrowed from a controversial work by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles done in the context of the Brazilian military dictatorship in 1970. Tiradentes: totem-monument for the political prisoner was a happening held in the week that celebrated the Minas Conspiracy in which the figure of Tiradentes was elected as a national hero by the military government. Even though Tiradentes was tortured and killed by the state he was conspiring against, like many of the leftists during the military dictatorship. The fleeting gesture of Meireles have(has) produced an anti-monument, which left in its ruins, the memory of a violent present; brought death as subject and agent of history. A brutal criticism of a crucial moment in Brazilian history.

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