Beto Shwafaty

Vivemos na Melhor Cidade da America do Sul

solo show curated by Bernardo de Souza and Vitor Gorgulho

Porto Alegre, BR
September 30 — December 17 2017

Dirty abstractions III

Abstrações sujas III, 2015

Screen printing on textile, MDF, reliefs in reinforced concrete.
Dimensions: concrete slab 62 x 62 x 6 cm; screen printing on fabric 56 x 38 cm.

The three independent parts evoke, each, moments in the history of the Edise building - the Petrobras headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Newspaper clippings act as both documents and interpretations of the sociopolitical cycles that the company went through, and become witnesses of the formation of public opinion about the building and the company (via print journalism). In a first piece we see the developmental promises, to then observe the
building plans and urbanism in the second piece, arriving finally to the third piece where we realize the collapse of those promises of progress and expansion cycles linked to that redevelopment area. The confrontation between these public readings about the building, which instill connotations and readings to the building and the Company, and the apparent self-sufficiency of the abstract reliefs (which means nothing a priori) are the main axis of these works: how something that means nothing (aesthetical forms, architectonic reliefs) may receive several interpretations through the sociopolitical contexts in which it is communicated.

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